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28 March 2017


We go on introducing jury members and headliners of the festival!

Please welcome! Interview with Magnus Lužkov, Founder & CEO at Optimist Group, one of the leading marketing alliances in Estonia, member of Marketing jury with over 20 years of work experience in marketing industry. 


What ideas appear on your mind when you hear about Belarus?

My first idea about Belarus (which I have never visited before), is that I will meet friendly people with whom we share history. Estonia and Belarus are both post-soviet countries, we know what it means to start from the scratch. The possibility to chase is what boosts our creativity.

What is creativity for you and why does creativity win?

Creativity is the brain and media is the muscle. It’s the power to move masses without using force. The organic way to get what you want and be able to enjoy it. I have seen campaigns that need no media budget to get alive and it reminds me constantly - there is life outside brainwash.

How to develop creativity and what you get inspiration from?

There are two types of creativity, I think.

One creativity is about luck. The idea that surprises the creator itself. The happy find or association that does the job.

The other is experience. The maturity that comes with years. The skill to understand people and what is important for them. The treasure that is based on meaningfulness and deep insight.

They both are worth to celebrate.

Why do ad festivals exist? What are they for?

As they say: good design is for making other designers feel stupid. I think advertising people are much more friendly. Good advertising is for making other creatives and marketers feel inspired. It shows the extent of creative power and the top level of current field.

What would you like to wish the participants of White Square?

A dose of jealousy mixed with some new knowledge is the perfect recipe for motivation. Enjoy every sip of it!


Reminding that the call for entries is now open on adfest.by. But deadline upcomes already on April 7! So hurry up!

There are five contests – creativity, branding, digital, marketing, social advertising – that will be evaluated by five international jury categories. Detailed information is provided on adfest.by or via konkurs@adfest.by.